My Childhood Is Over: The Teddy Ruxpin Edition

Growing up, my mother loved me in many ways.

She bought me this:

Best game ever and yes, we still have it.

Best game ever and yes, I still have all the pieces.

And this:

Besides My Little Pony, this was my only pet growing up.

Besides My Little Pony, this was my only pet growing up.

And even this:

The only time I was cool with rodents.

Like I ever actually played it. Pshaw. Took 14 hours just to set up and I hate mice anyway.

But you know what she didn’t buy me? My Buddy. Kid Sister. Alfie the Robot.

And, of course, my mother never bought me the greatest toy in the world, Teddy F—ing Ruxpin.

What, me worry?

That’s right Teddy, I ask why too!

“Liz,” she explained. “You don’t need a talking teddy bear. You have a real live sister and brother!”

Sure Mom. But they don’t have any stop button. Ugh. Moms are mean!

And now I am so distraught because I will NEVER get a Teddy Ruxpin doll! Because, you see, Teddy Ruxpin creator Ken Forsse died last week at the age of 77. My childhood is officially over! Granted, it should have been over about 25 years ago, but that’s neither here nor there.

Luckily, Teddy Ruxpin will live on forever because he stars in one of my most favorite movies of all time, The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin, which, to be fair, my mother DID rent for us a million times from the greatest video store ever, Video Paradise. You can watch the whole 42:30 during your lunch break, posted below. You are welcome.

RIP Teddy and Ken!


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