Love is Over

I know I’ve been kind of quiet the past few days. It should be a time of happiness for me, what with the Red Sox winning the World Series and Murder, She Wrote returning to my TV, though sans Angela Lansbury.

Eat your heart out Jane Fonda!

Team Jessica Fletcher for life!

Instead, I’ve been in tears. Tears I tell you. Because I found out perhaps the worst news possible in the WORLD.

What, is Kim Kardashian going to stop posting selfies???


So modest, this one.

NOPE. This is FAR worse.

Child bride Courtney Stodden, 19, has reportedly split from her actor husband of two years, Lost alum Doug Hutchinson, 53.

19 on the inside, 48-year-old Vegas cocktail waitress on the outside.

Body of a 19-year-old, face of a 48-year-old Vegas cocktail waitress.

Color me SHOCKED. I really thought these two were going to make it, as evident in this interview they did shortly after they got married. It’s a little long but totally worth watching, though you will be left with so many questions on how a love so pure and pristine could go so wrong.



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