What the World Needs Now is Dan Cortese, Sweet Dan Cortese

Do you ever look around the room and go, “Where did it go? WHERE DID IT GO???” And you’re not talking about all your money, or your dignity, or your clothes. You’re talking about Dan Cortese’s career.

What a great hodge podge of styles the mid '90s brought!

What a great hodge podge of styles the mid ’90s brought!

I loved him back in the day because he was SO HANDSOME and silly and fun! Just like a male version of Jenny McCarthy!

But while Jenny McCarthy has by SOME God forsaken way managed to stay relevant–Dan Cortese has floated off to the mythical world of C-List celebrities, joined by Max Casella, Kellie Martin, and the original Becky on Roseanne.


Neil Patrick Harris–please reboot your BFF’s career FAST!

Until now. Apparently Dan Cortese IS on TV as the host of Guinness World Records Gone Wild, no relation to Joe Francis. At least, that’s what it’s called on Wikipedia. TruTV refers to it as Guinness World Records Unleashed on their website.

The show concluded it’s first season in March, but it looks like ten more eps were ordered. THANK GOD. Because we all need more Dan Cortese in our life.

Happy to oblige.

Happy to oblige.

Sure, Dan looks like a man who still has a summer share at the Jersey Shore, but at least that means he’s probably really good at Skee ball , and God knows I need a new Slinky this year.

So thank you truTV for not being about reality and fulfilling my dreams instead!

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