Happy Canada Day!

There’s nothing funny aboot today. Besides being what would have been Princess Di’s 52nd birthday, it is also Canada Day! Woohoo!

There are so many great things about Canada, it’s hard to choose just one. So please enjoy my ode to the best representatives of the maple leaf.

1) Michael J. Fox

So sexy.

So sexy.

He’s traveled in time, he’s played basketball as a werewolf, and he was a devout Republican among a family of former dirty hippies . . . what has Michael J. Fox NOT done? Start a foundation that has raised over $304 million for Parkinson’s Disease Research? Nope, he’s done that too.

2) Jimmy Brooks, I mean Drake

What a guy?

What a guy?

Before he was that guy that banged Rihanna and then beat up Chris Brown, rapper Drake was known as Aubrey Graham, teen actor. He portrayed all around good guy Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi: The Next Generation, an aspiring basketball player and talented musician who had the wicked unfortunate experience of getting shot.

3) The Guess Who

Feathered hair knows no borders.

Feathered hair knows no borders.

As an American woman, I am more than happy to share the land with my fellow North Americans. But if they ever, I don’t know, bomb us, or send grizzly bears to attack, you best believe there will be no sugar tonight at our proverbial communal table.

4) Jason Priestley


90210h yes!

This man needs no explanation. Just look at his hair and you’ll understand why he is one of the top Canadian exports.

5) Pamela Anderson

Such a natural beauty.

Such a natural beauty.

Courtney Stodden’s fairy godmother is not only Canadian, she also turns 46 today! Let’s toast her birthday with a Labatt’s!

So there you have it, all my favorite Canadian people. Who are yours?

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