How Can We Cool Off? I Have An Idea–Let’s Call 1-800-THE-POOL!

I’ve finished drinking all my Sunny D and I’m STILL not refreshed. What the heck am I going to do? I want to have fun in the sun this weekend AND stay cool.

None of that purple stuff please.

None of that purple stuff please.

My dad’s kind of cheap so he’s not going to buy me a Slip ‘n Slide for my backyard.

But wait . . . pools are on sale! In fact, you can get a GORGEOUS 24-foot above ground pool complete with a luxurious carpet and patio deck for only $59 a month! All I need to do is call 1-800-THE-POOL!


Oh, snap. I’ll also need to get a time machine because this commercial is from 1988. Life is so unfair! Just give me a f—ing Popsicle instead.

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