Do You Bop It or Do What Simon Says?

Man, don’t you HATE it when your games boss you around? It’s like, hello, I already have one mom at home!

Unless they are telling me  sit 'n spin!

Unless they are telling me sit ‘n spin. Weeee!

Despite my disdain for authority at the hands of my toys, there ARE certain play things where I am TOTALLY COOL with them telling me what to do.

Yes, I am talking about Simon and Bop It.

You want me to press the colored buttons that beep bop boop? Okay cool.

Or perhaps I should twist it or grab it? Alrighty then!

So what were the toys where you you were all “I’m a slaaaave 4 u . . . . ” Britney Spears style?

(Oh how the mighty have fallen.)

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