I Am Finally Going to Watch Arrested Development

So this weekend all of you cool kids were all who cares about Memorial Day. Who cares about people sacrificing their lives for their country because you were about to sacrifice your SLEEP so you could stay up all night and watch Arrested Development on Netflix, as they were releasing 15 new episodes at the stroke of midnight on May 26.

Do you even know what this is?

Do you even know what this is?

Truth be told, I never watched Arrested Development when it originally aired from 2003-2006, and I have a very good reason why. See, I had this roommate who was kind of a tool and he was so obsessed with all things Bluth that I refused to watch it on principle. Stupid of me? Possibly, because I am still not 100% sure what “never nude” means, except that it is a state in which I hope I never find my brother or parents.

David Cross, however, yes.

David Cross, however, yes.

That said, I hate missing out on a pop culture moment and lucky for me IFC is showing reruns of Arrested Development. Bandwagon jumper? Yup. But so are all you geeks who went to the Banana Stand when you could have just frozen one at home.

So, as a recent convert, what is an episode that I need to watch? What is the greatest moment in Arrested Development history? Has Jason Bateman finally topped his role in Teen Wolf Too? Is that even possible???

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10 Responses to I Am Finally Going to Watch Arrested Development

  1. frogkisser says:

    OMG, I was TOTALLY the same way! The more my friends hyped it, the less I wanted to watch it. I finally decided to start watching it on Netflix in December. 5 months later, I am still only halfway through. Is it funny? Yes. Do I love it? Yes. Do I get what all the pomp and circumstance behind it is? Not sure. To be quite honest, I think Bateman’s crowning achievement was It’s Your Move, and I don’t think he can ever top that. Not even a little.

  2. thedvrfiles says:

    I am very ashamed that I had to google “It’s Your Move.” Egads.

    On another note–watched one ep of AD and thought it was okay but not obsessed. I normally don’t think you have to watch sitcoms from the beginning–ie Golden Girls will be funny no matter WHEN you watch it–but I get the impression that AD is one of those shows you need to be on the inside. By contrast, I started watching Freaks and Geeks which is a drama (granted, only one season long!) but it’s super easy to pick up.

  3. frogkisser says:

    Did you watch It’s Your Move back in the day? Totally underrated. More hype should have been given to that in my opinion!

    Yes, AD is definitely a sequential show. That’s probably why when I’ve caught it in years past I didn’t get it—at all. It’s cute and I do l-o-l a bunch when I watch it, but it never left me clamoring for more the way I did when I watched Mad Men or Homeland on Netflix.

    Canceling Freaks and Geeks after one season was a crime on humanity.

  4. thedvrfiles says:

    Never watched It’s Your Move but loved Bateman in Valerie/Valerie’s Family/Hogan Family. And Freaks and Geeks is so amazing I can’t take it. I love that they cast high school aged kids and it makes me so wistful for the 1990s. I watched an ep last night with Shia LaBeauf!

  5. frogkisser says:

    Oh and don’t feel bad…NO ONE remembers It’s Your Move. It was another one seasoner. No show that goes up against Dynasty makes it out alive, sigh.

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  7. ejnshow says:

    “Meat the Veals” from season two. It’s one of my favorite episodes of any show that’s ever been on TV. I bet it’s funnier if you see all that leads up to it, but I think it would hold up without having seen all the previous character development.

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