Let’s Hope This Arrested Development Comes Back Too

All of you aficionados of Arrested Development: the show got to get your Funke on this weekend, as we discussed earlier today. And now it’s time for fans of Arrested Development: the band to get THEIR funk on. Oh yes I said it.

I am still thirsty.

I am still thirsty for conscientious hip hop beats.

Truth be told, it’s been LESS than 3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days since Speech and company released an album. While my obsession with Arrested Development: the band might have faded circa 1993 with the release of such iconic videos as “Mr. Wendal”, “People Everyday”, and “Revolution”, the band has continued to record and even engaged in a 20th anniversary tour last year! Whaaaa??? How could I have missed this?

Good news, though. They are performing in DC on June 23. And no need to challenge me to a game of horseshoes to see who will buy the tickets–the show is free!

And if you can’t make it–we’ll always have Tennessee.

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