Chubby Sidekicks Rule!

I am a person who likes people. It comes in handy in life, as one of the aspects of daily living is interacting with human beings.

No, you don't have to find Waldo.

No, you don’t have to find Waldo.

Some of my favorite people in the world are my friends. They’re awesome! And here’s what cool–people on TV ALSO have friends. Characters, they’re just like us!

Many people on TV have a really cool sidekick. Sometimes they’re tall. Sometimes they’re short. Sometimes they’re black. Sometimes they’re white. Sometimes they’re carnivores. Sometimes they’re vegetarians. I think you get the picture. My favorite kind, however, are the chubby ones. Sorry if that’s not politically correct. They’re just really fun!

So today we are going to examine which are our favorite roly poly pals on the boob tube.

1) Samwell Tarly on Game of Thrones

They share coats.

They share coats.

Earlier this week I argued that Jon Snow is one of the hottest men on Game of Thrones, but his BFF Samwell Tarly is the real keeper. Both Jon and Sam joined the Night’s Watch at the same time and they became close when Jon defended Sam from constant teasing because of his size and cowardice. Sam comes from a well-off family and is very smart and educated himself and he has since developed a bit of a crush Gilly, one of the daughter-wives of Craster. Oh, and she has a baby of her own so he’s really stepped up. LOVE HIM!

2) Chunk from Goonies

Hey you guyyyyyysssss! Look how awesome I am!

Hey you guyyyyyysssss! Look how awesome I am!

Yes, I know that Goonies is not a TV show but it’s on cable sometimes so there. Chunk is a great friend to everyone. He’ll do the Truffle Shuffle for you, he’ll dive for a statue of David, he even befriends a man named Sloth who is holding him captive! Sure, he has a big mouth, but he’ll help you find any treasures that you may need so he’s someone you want to stick around. Want proof? Here you go!


Want more?


3) Peter on The Cosby Show



In addition to being Rudy’s silent friend, Peter is a DVR Files favorite. He loves to crash slumber parties, but he’s quiet! The whole clip below is great, but the Peter action begins at 3:03.


4) Norm on Cheers

He goes where everyone knows his name.

He goes where everyone knows his name.

No matter whether he is employed as an accountant, a housepainter, or a decorator, Norm is always ready to hit the bar for happy hour. You need a quick drink after work? Call Norm! He’ll join you. I can’t promise he’ll pick up the tab though.

So there you have it. My favorite chubby sidekicks. Who are yours?

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