Why YES That IS the Adorable Precocious Kid From Love Actually on Game of Thrones

It’s been 10 years since the movie Love Actually was released in theaters and it is still one of my favorite movies. Especially because of this super adorable kid named Sam.



Sam, however, was going through a tough time. First his mom died, and then he fell in love with an American classmate who didn’t even know he existed!


What’s a boy to do? Well, learn how to play the drums! That will get the girl.


Sam, unfortunately, disappeared from my consciousness till a few weeks ago when I caught a familiar face on Game of Thrones.


Hmmmm . . . could the actor who currently plays Jojen Reed–Thomas Brodie-Sangster–be the same person who portrayed Sam?

Ummmm . . . the answer is yes!

And he’s not the only child actor from a decade old British movie that’s starring in Games. Osha, played by Natalie Tena, also starred in About a Boy. Woohoo!

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