Science Was Cool With Mr. Wizard

Oh, the ’80s. You were a great time for nerdy kids, what with your Square One, Speak & Spells, and Alphie the Robot toy.

Multiplication rocks!

Addition rocks!

You might be REALLY surprised, but I was one such geeky child. Hard to believe since I’m so cool now. But believe you me, one of my most favorite things in the WORLD to watch once my family got cable in 1987 was Mr. Wizard’s World on Nickelodeon.

What a silver fox!

What a silver fox!

Mr. Wizard was Don Herbert, a perpetually old dude who thought science was the jam. One of my all time favorite experiments from his show was standing in a doorway, pressing my wrists against the frame for 60 seconds, and then stepping away and putting my hands by my side and then they would float up automatically. How cool! And of course I couldn’t find the video for it.

My memories of the Wiz were of the nice, supportive, grandfatherly variety . . . but truth be told he was a bit more of a wise ass than I remembered! And for that I love him even more! Watch the evidence below.

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