Geeks Need TV too!

These days all the cool kids are remaking tv shows from the past. We’ve already got Dallas90210 and Degrassi.

Don’t forget your roots Drake!

Why not remake something for the geeks? That’s right, I’m talking about Square One. Eat THAT, Mathman!

I was introduced to Square One in second grade because my older sister Katie was bad at math and her fourth grade teacher told her to watch it. I was already a super big nerd whose teacher assigned me extra math homework just because so I took to Square One the way Britney Spears takes to Cheetos: instantly. The show compared two things that I loved best: humor and arithmetic. It was a hybrid sketch show that featured segments like Late Afternoon with David Numberman, Backstage with Blackstone, and the serial Mathnet.

MY personal favorite was But Who’s Counting? a game show where contestants had to make the biggest number. In the clip below, Oz fans will notice mean prison unit manager Martin Querns as a nice announcer! Who knew???

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