I Would Win the Sh– Out of Price Is Right

One of the great things about being an independent adult is you know about fun stuff like FSAs, electrical bills, and the price of tuna.

4 for $5 when it's on sale at Key Foods!

4 for $5 when it’s on sale at Key Foods!

That’s why I really need to be on The Price Is Right. Hot damn, I would be SO GOOD at that show. For example, one of my greatest talents is totaling my items as they go down the conveyor belt at the grocery store. Yes, I sort of know the prices beforehand, but not with produce! I usually get the total cost within $3. Granted, I often go over because I want to be pleasantly surprised. But I know if I were on the show I’d go a little under.

It’s interesting too to think of the stuff you wanted to win on Price when you were a kid. A car or a boat seemed cool. But as an adult living in New York City, f— that sh–. I want the living room set, the high end pots and pans, or the $50k cash from Plinko!

My heart flutters just looking at it.

My heart flutters just looking at it.

And if I make it to the Showcase Showdown, give me a trip to the Bahamas!

Who knows if this will ever happen, especially since what is the point now that Bob Barker is no longer the host. I like Drew Carey, who took over duties in 2007, but it’s not the same. Does he even remind us to get our pets fixed? Meow!

For now–watch this gem from when Snoop Dogg appeared on Price about a year ago. He might be a rich rapper, but he knows the value of goods!

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