Those Klassy Kardashians Just Can’t Catch a Break! Though I’m Sure They CAN Catch an STD.

Kim Kardashian is such a deep, smart human being that I’m continually amazed by the gems that come out of her mouth.

I'm sure many things have gone in that mouth!

I’m sure many things have gone in that mouth. 

See, Kim is knocked up by fellow class act Kanye West, but unfortch she’s STILL married to that tall NBA player Kris Humphries. She explains:

If anyone [only] knew all the fertility problems and the things that I was going through. God brings you things at a time when you least expect it. I’m such a planner and this was just meant to be. What am I going to? Wait years to get a divorce? I’d love one. It’s a process.

All right Kim this makes just about zero sense. You’re trying to say this was a complete surprise, but you had fertility issues? How would you know this unless you were trying to get pregnant? Don’t get me wrong–I certainly sympathize with women who struggle with fertility, but you know Kim will do anything to get in the paperz.

And now the best part–estranged hubby Kris Humphries could not give a single flying f—.

In happier times. I would have given them 90 days at LEAST.

In happier times. I would have given them 90 days at LEAST.

Humphries’ lawyer is throwing major shade at Kim: calling her pregnancy “an opportunity to gain a litigation advantage (to) prematurely set this matter for trial.” Oh, snap!

Me? I think she just wants to pop out a kid because she’s jealous of Reggie Bush’s soon to be baby mama Lilit Avagyan..

Baby got back.

Baby got back almost as big as Kim.

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