God I Miss Patrick Swayze. I Hope He is Like the Wind That I Walk Through Tonight.

Another day, another dollar less going towards my cable bill as my Internet, phone, and DVR are still down. The horror, the horror!

But honestly–I would give it up ALL up for a whole other week if we could bring 1991’s People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive back from the dead for just one day, and not so he could make pottery with Demi Moore.

I would do just about anything for just one lock from that luscious mane.

Oh yes, I am talking about Johnny Castle himself, Mr. Patrick Swayze.

While primarily a film star (hello Road House, I’m talking to you) Swayze also made appearances on the small screen, including his last project The Beast as well as everybody’s favorite sitcom Whoopi (how does that show NOT have an ! at the end???). But perhaps my all time favorite performance of his on the boob tube was when he hosted Saturday Night Love and Franz developed just a LITTLE crush on him.

Click here to enjoy as SNL’s vids are super difficult to post!


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3 Responses to God I Miss Patrick Swayze. I Hope He is Like the Wind That I Walk Through Tonight.

  1. Meg says:

    I was sad today reading about Kirstie Ally talking about their romance – when they were both married ( I think she was doing press for her new book?). Anyway, it pissed me off.

  2. thedvrfiles says:

    Meg, I agree. So tacky. She will do anything to stay in the press. Plus nothing even happened! I think she just had a crush on him.

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