Thank You for Being a Patient Friend

Call me Job because God is REALLY testing me by shutting down my cable and Internet for a whole week. First world problems? You betcha! But still . . . it has been TORTURE missing all my shows this week! I have to avoid Facebook at work so that I won’t read spoilers online. This is a very tough life I lead.

Luckily, I have about five DVDs at home to keep me company on cold nights, including the first season of my all time favorite show The Golden Girls!

If I threw a party and invited everyone I know, I would see that the best gift would be Season 2 DVDs.

My routine is really exciting. I go home, cook dinner, then sit down in front of my tv while I eat. I pop in my Golden Girls DVD and watch whatever episode is next. Tonight it will be The Competition, where the gals battle over bowling. Can’t wait!

If all of you are too jealous to read anymore, don’t fret. Watch this amazing montage of everyone’s favorite hussy, Blanche Devereaux, looking as stunningly beautiful and petite as ever!

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