Tyra Banks Knows Boston, as Well as Everything Else in the World

Remember when Tyra Banks was just known for being a swimsuit model with big boobs? Oh, those were the days!

Look at me, now!

But then she went on a power trip and started America’s Next Top Model and then hosted her own eponymous talk show and now she just won’t shut up!

Don’t get me wrong–I love me some ANTM. Who can forget Shandi-gate?

Hiding her head in shame because she cheated on her boyfriend with a hot Italian model in front of a national audience. 

But Tyra’s latest escapades are just too damn much. See, in 2011 she enrolled in Harvard Business School. Impressive, right? Well, sure, but she was not going for her MBA, she was attending the Owner/President Manager Program where she earned a certificate in the Executive Education Training Program, which is part of the extension school whose requirements are not as rigid as Harvard Business School itself.

Fine. That’s all very nice. Good for her for continuing her education. But man, you’d think she spent ten years there and not just 2 months! See, this weekend Tyra attended a reunion in Boston for HBS (though wouldn’t it actually be in Cambridge? Whatevs, maybe People mag is not good with geography) and boy did she tweet about it! “Harvard Business School reunion weekend. Feels so good to be back with my OPM family!” she declares. And then: “Over last 3yrs, gotten2know amazing people at Harvard OPM. Here are a few. Including 2guys in bckgrnd.” (I’m too lazy to post pic, need to eat breakfast before work instead).

It is all too rich!

Back in the day I used to work at a bar in Harvard Square called John Harvard’s Brewhouse whose slogan was “Real Beer, Honest Food” which I never quite understood because MOST of the food I ate ANYWHERE didn’t lie to me. But whatevs. I admit that if I were still working there and Tyra came in I’d be super nice and offer her the best booth in the restaurant–even if she was by herself!–and grab her extra sodas and blue cheese and whatever she wanted. I’d probably even ask her what it was like working with George Michael for the video “Too Funky.” Did she know he was gay? Did any of the models eat on the set?

And truth be told, even though I’m a little suspect of her whole Harvard Business School experience, I have to give home girl credit for promoting education. That be cool.

Off to work now!

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