Michelle Obama and Ann Romney Wore Pink! Because This is What is Important in the World!

Don’t you fret–The DVR Files is a  politics free zone, unless, of course we’re talking about, say, The Good Wife or West Wing, neither of which I watch but YOU NEVER KNOW.

He looks WAY more like Emilio than Charlie here!

But as every good American knows, last night was the second Presidential debate between President Obama and Governor Romney. And while I REALLY wanted to catch up on Hoarders, I decided instead to be a patriotic person.

And thank God I did! I mean, who care about what Obama and Romney actually SAID. That stuff is for kids. The important takeaway from the whole debate is which wife wore pink better, Michelle Obama or Ann Romney???

I’m blinded!

I m going to take a big giant pill of Who Gives a F—. Sayonara!

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