Give me a F—ing Giggles cookie!

I don’t know about you, but I like my cookies to not be racist. So that’s why I was a HUGE fan of Giggles back in the ’80s.

“Two kinds of creme in each funny face!”

Giggles were so innovative for their time. You want a chocolate cookie? Or maybe a white one? No problem. But we’re going to put vanilla AND fudge creme in the middle of BOTH of them. And we’re going to LAUGH and LAUGH and LAUGH about it.

Who f—ing knew that a delicious sandwich cookie could be such a symbol of racial harmony? Even E.L. Fudges were kind of all, we’ll give you a vanilla or a chocolate cookie, but only one kind of creme inside! Boooooo.

So thank you, Giggles, for teaching us that cookies indeed shall overcome.

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