Just Act, Naturally with Parker Posey. She’ll teach how to win an Emmy!

Well, man, they’ve done it again! Who, you ask? Britney Spears? Well, YES she is continuing to ask like a hot medicated mess on The X Factor, but this time I’m talking about my best buds Paul W. Downs and and Lucia Aniello, also know as Paulilu!


Not to name drop, but I am actual FRIENDS with these people. Did you hear me? Paul and Lucia are my FRIENDS!!!

Last month, Paulilu explored the mystery of Olivia Munn’s vanishing boobs in their video Ghosts Titsand this week they’ve followed up with another BRILLIANT video starring none other than “Queen of the Indies” Parker Posey. In this sketch, Parker, who recently played a crazy bitch on Louie, portrays Ja’n, who teaches a master class on Emmy acceptance speeches with the method “Just Act, Naturally” to many relevant and likely Emmy winners including waiters, busboys, and poor students.

I hope Max Greenfield took this class, as I predicted him to win the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series!

I’m so happy for Paul and Lucia. This video has deservedly gotten a ton of attention including on people.com and now the very influential blog The DVR Files! I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!


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