I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Everyone is always all, Live without regrets! But to be honest there are a few things in my life that I wish I never did:

  1. See the movie Blame it on the Bellboy.
  2. Attend a ZZ Top concert with my dad where there were sexy dancers onstage.
  3. Eat 18 of my Nana’s little tuna appetizers at Easter the year I was 8, because I threw them up. What a waste!

Even Balki Bartokomous couldn’t save this movie! Where’s Counsin Larry???

At any rate, pretty much my only other regret is so embarrassing to admit that I am going into hiding so you don’t burn me at the stake. See, back in 1986 I saw this awesome commercial starring some really adorable snack foods–California raisins if you can believe it–and they sang this SUPER fantastic song called, get this, “I Heard it From the Grapevine.” Because they were raisins who were once grapes! Hahahahahaha!

It was just a couple years later when I was listening to Oldies 103.3 FM in my dad’s car when the very same song came on the radio! “Dad!” I cried. “I can’t believe the California Raisins got a record contract. How cool, since they’re just snacks and not people!” Dad was all, “Uh, no, Liz. This is Marvin Gaye. The California Raisins just covered it.” Then he told me there was no Santa Claus.

Wow, I can’t believe I just told you my deepest darkest secret. I guess I was afraid you’d hear it through the grapevine and I wanted to tell you first. Zing!

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