Tom Coughlin Looks Like My Dad

As a Patriots fan who doesn’t really understand football-hey, at least I can admit it!–I was just a BIT disappointed in today’s loss to the Arizona Cardinals, which I had to watch stop-motion style on my computer since New York is too selfish to play it on TV. They instead had to play the GIANTS because they are a NEW YORK team. Boo f—ing hoo.

The Giants end up beating the Tamba Bay Buccaneers by seven points in what I will (begrudgingly) admit was a great 4th quarter, 41-34. Still not a fan though!

Which leaves me SUPER conflicted because my father John Simons looks EXACTLY like Giants coach Tom Coughlin, exactly way more handsome.

Separated at birth?

You decide!








My father also bears a striking resemblance to Waldo and Steve Forbes’ baby, if they could ever mate.



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