Woah woah here he comes . . . Andrew Kelley Simons is a Maneater!

So last week I bragged to you that my brother was a Talented Person, which runs in the family, in case you were wondering.

And then THIS week, the world agreed that he is also a talented singer/songwriter, as decided by the one and only JOHN OATES!

Oates is my brother’s idol is more ways than one. Style icon? Duh. But my brother also dreams about writing a catchy tune such as “Kiss on My List.”

Andrew can only try and emulate the stache that has launched a thousand ships.





I am SO proud of my brother. His abilities are not “Out of Touch” with what is hot these days! I hope that soon we will be able to see him on MTV, or VH1, or heck event BET because my family is a very liberal, open-minded family.

Andrew will be performing at coffeehouses and cafes up and down the East Coast October 5-16, so check out his gigs here.

Can’t wait till then? Like him on Facebook or check out one of his soon to be hit songs below!




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