Dating a Costar is SO Hard.

Jesus F—ing Christ. Sometimes I hate famous people.

Case in point: 23-year-old Nina Dobrev, former teenage mom on Degrassi and current star of the CW series Vampire Diaries reveals that she just could NOT help falling in love with her 33-year-old costar Ian Somerhalder on set. She reveals to Seventeen, via People:

 “I didn’t want to be dating one of my costars. My goal on the show was to be professional. But sometimes you can’t help who you have a connection with, and you can only fight it for so long – which I did for a really, really long time.”

Look at their matching Blue Steels.

Bish, please. Your show has been on three years. That’s your “really, really long time?” I loved a boy named Steve from seventh grade on, and he STILL won’t accept my Facebook friend request!

Also–while Nina is really adorable, she’s 23 and Ian’s 33. Why she gotta steal all the men my age? Plus, he’s way too pretty. I could see them going the LeAnn Rimes/Eddie Cibrian route if they tie the knot. Watch your back Nina!

What would James Tiberius Yorke think of his meatball sandwich falling for another man? Oh right, it wouldn’t matter because he is dead. (This is a Degrassi reference if I must be a regular old Encyclopedia Brown for all you non-fans. See, J.T. dated Mia (played by Nina) who had a 3-year-old daughter even though she herself looked 12. J.T. was not the father of this baby, though he HAD knocked up his ex-girlfriend Liberty, who gave up THEIR baby for adoption. Got it? Good. Anyway, J.T. went to a party where he told his friend Toby that Liberty was like oatmeal and Mia was like a meatball sub and sometimes you want oatmeal, whatever the hell that means. And then J.T. got stabbed.)

It just drives me bananas when Hollywood actors, even if they come from Canada as Nina does, complain about how HARD their love lives are. Jamie Kennedy, who went to the same high school as my dad (different times though!) AND showed such promise in Scream, recently did the same thing when he moaned to People that not one single person in the world supported his year long romance with Jennifer Love Hewitt. Know why? Because they didn’t care!

I hope this wasn’t after Labor Day!

Look, I get it. Famous people have feelings too. But I just dare them to try OKCupid. Then they won’t be whining so much!

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3 Responses to Dating a Costar is SO Hard.

  1. Kelly M. says:

    Steve J.? Haha! Liz you are great and from what I remember he talked with a lisp and had some sort of a limp….doubt you are missing much!

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