Is it Too Late To Watch Sons of Anarchy?

Hey kidz.

I am in the midst of a HUGE dilemma. See, I love tv and I also love breathing, eating, sleeping, working (well, that’s debatable) and generally just being alive, you know what I mean? And just like I have to budget my money I also have to budget my tv watching. Even with the DVR, there is simply not enough time to watch everything I want!

One such show that I REALLY want to watch is Sons of Anarchy, which starts its fifth season on Tuesday September 11 at 10p and stars Beauty and the Beast alum Ron Perlman.

He’ll always be Vincent to me!

Sons also features super hotty English actor Chalie Hunnam, who is reason enough to watch.

Yes please!

My friend Lori, who enjoys tv as much as I do, swears by this show. So do billions of my FB friends. The thing is, I’m four seasons behind. “Netflix!” you suggest to me. Well, I just don’t have the energy or time to catch up! What do I do?

So my question for die hard SAMCRO fans . . . is this show worth watching? Do I have to start at the beginning? If not, which seasons can I skip?

Thank you for your time.

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