And the Winner is . . . Outstanding Guest Actress In a Comedy Series!

I know it’s late afternoon on the Friday of Labor Day weekend and you’re all, where is Liz’s Emmy prediction??? I need it now!!!

That’s what Veruca said, and look what happened to her!

Patience is a virtue, my friends. Granted, an overrated one much like virginity, but a virtue nonetheless. And now I at last am going to make my predictions for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series, which is sort of boring as far as Emmys go.

Here are the nominees:

  • Dot-Marie Jones as Coach Shannon Beiste on Glee
  • Maya Rudolph, Host on Saturday Night Live
  • Melissa McCarthy, Host on Saturday Night Live
  • Elizabeth Banks as Avery Jessup on 30 Rock
  • Margaret Cho as Kim Jong-il on 30 Rock
  • Kathy Bates as Charlie Harper on Two and a Half Men

Here’s the thing: I love all these women as much as John Travolta likes massages. As in, a LOT. But I don’t regularly watch most of these show. I mean, I go OUT on Saturday nights so it’s not like I have a date with NBC at 11:30pm. Let’s just forget that this is the DVR Files for a moment. Ha!

We might as well start. I’m knocking off Melissa McCarthy because she’s already nominated for Mike & Molly and why be greedy. If I knock her out of contention, I can’t very well give the Emmy to Maya, so she’s out too. Glee is for dweebs-sorry-so no Emmy for the Bieste.

And then there were three.

Elizabeth Banks seems like a nice person, but she gets to play a pretty blonde woman on tv. That’s not funny.

Being beautiful is HARD.

So now we’re left with Cho and Bates. This might be my Sophie’s Choice. I mean, based on how I dismissed Maya, you’d think I’d eliminate Cho instantly. BUT, as much as I love Kathy Bates, I just can’t support her work on Two and a Half Men. So . . .

Who I Want to Win: Margaret Cho

Who Will Win: Kathy Bates

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3 Responses to And the Winner is . . . Outstanding Guest Actress In a Comedy Series!

  1. FranM says:

    Personally, no contest here for me — Margaret Cho was hilarious in her nearly unrecognizable turn as the Korean dictator – a brilliant piece of casting which (almost) totally vindicates her nightmare with her ABC sitcom, American Girl in the 90s. Maya is wonderful but the show is a ratings dud no matter where they put it (which I don’t get; I LOVE it); if this were a big hit, there would be no question she would win. I would’t count out Melissa; she was VERY funny on SNL and, again, Emmy voters have a tendency to vote like a broken record on automatic replay. I love Banks; she is VERY funny on 30 Rock and she is in one of my all time favorite comedies “Zack and Miri Make a Porno”; love Two and a Half Men still (I am the one) but hated Bates in this – ugh; hope she doesn’t win? I like Glee but Bieste’s role was way too dramatic this season for a comedy; plus she’s a semi-regular so never sure HOW they determine this award (one of my favorites by the way since it is so obscure and never reported on either when announcing the noms or the winners)

  2. thedvrfiles says:

    Margaret Cho was by far the most memorable of the nominees. She’s fantastic, it’s too bad she’s never gotten the vehicle that has suited her. My brother and I still quote her comedy special. “Is he the GAAAAAAAAAAY????”

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