Hot Catholic of Lent: Day 3!

It’s Day 3 of Lent. I have not played Candy Crush since Tuesday. It has been hard but it’s really increased my productivity:  now I look at fifty times a minute on my phone instead! Where else am I going to learn that Prince Harry is taking his American piece to his friend’s wedding in Jamaica?


I know she has a name but I’m jealous so I refuse to say it, Voldemort-style.

But enough about Harry. He’s Protestant anyway. We have more important matters at hand, like discussing who is the Hot Catholic of Lent: Day 3! Drum roll please . . . .

It’s birthday boy* David Faustino!


I want to be married with his children!

In addition to being born born 43 years ago today, David Faustino has long served as the unofficial mascot of The DVR Files. Back when I launched the blog in 2012, I printed out business cards with this very picture on it because what exemplifies the cutting edge of current pop culture more than a pin-up photo of a mulleted teen star from ’80s? I’m totally on the pulse!

I first fell in love with David when he appeared in the classic TV movie Bride of Boogedy in 1987. That same year he landed the role that made him a star: Bud Bundy on Married . . . With Children. Since the show ended in 1997, he’s kept busy working in dynamic projects such as Dirt Merchant with Jenna Jameson and Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens with Steve Sanders.

I always assumed David was Catholic because his last name is Italian. But I had to dig deep in my research this time. His wikipedia page made no mention of his faith, so I googled “David Faustino Catholic” and who should save the day but Oprah!


David appeared on an episode of Oprah: Where Are They Now? back in September where he explained that his own family was a lot tougher than those loose Bundys. He was raised Catholic and even went to Catholic school! And I was all, YES! Confirmed! David Faustino can be a Hot Catholic of Lent!


Giving me a little Michael Stipe action, but he’s still got it.

So happy birthday David and congratulations on being the Hot Catholic of Lent: Day 3!

*David’s birthday is March 3. I started writing this at 11:30p and then all of a sudden it became March 4 when the clock hit midnight. D’oh!

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