Happy Belated 25th Birthday, Bride of Boogedy!

I am positively ASHAMED that I missed a very important date. You see, on April 12 one of my all-time favorite tv boo!vies turned 25. Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about the seminal flick Bride of Boogedy which aired as “The Disney Sunday Movie” not on the Disney Channel (which was a premium channel which you had to PAY for back in the day!!! What a goofy idea!) but on ABC at 8pm in 1987. Hosted by CEO Michael Eisner, “The Disney Sunday Movie” was THE destination for kids. We got Not Quite HumanParent Trap 2Little Spies, and of course my fave, the aforementioned Bride.

Bride of Boogedy was the sequel to the classic Mr. Boogedy, which shamefully I never saw. Both movies were about a ghost who haunted a family in a New England town called Lucifer Falls. Of course. But what makes Bride so memorable is one of its stars . . . the super cute David Faustino!

Hey girl, want to run your fingers through my perfectly coiffed hair?

Oh, David was handsome. And 12. 7-year-old me developed such a big crush that I knew I needed to see him every week. And what do you know? He was on a new show that had premiered exactly one week prior on Fox called Married . . . with Children! So the next Sunday I ditched Disney and tuned into dysfunction! Over the next several months I was able to sneak in a few episodes of Married before my father caught on. I was then forbidden to watch it, a punishment that continued through my senior year in high school when the show finally ended its run in 1997.

At any rate, thank you Michael Eisner and company for introducing me to David. Let’s just say he peaked in 1987. And Happy Birthday Bride of Boogedy! Let’s watch a clip to celebrate. And wait . . . could that REALLY be Eugene Levy? Oh yes, it is. Enjoy!

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