Hot Catholic of Lent: Day 4!

Back in the day I was a DJ at my college radio station, WXDU-FM, based out of Duke University in Durham, NC. I played super cool music from super cool artists like Spoon, The Olivia Tremor Control, and The Magnetic Fields. I saw Elliott Smith and Yo La Tengo in concert. I was, dare I say, hip.

But one of the biggest regrets I have from those years, besides seeing Titanic three times in the theater, is that I graduated in 2001 which means that I missed the advent of one of the biggest rock bands of the aughts. Yes, I’m talking about The White Stripes. While they did release a couple of albums while I was in college, their breakthrough record White Blood Cells was released on July 3, 2001, a mere two months after I graduated.

Why am I confessing to you one of my deepest secrets of my young adulthood? Well, one, I haven’t been to therapy in a while and I need a release somewhere. And two, today’s Hot Catholic of Lent is The White Stripes’ front man Jack White!


John Anthony Gillis was born July 9, 1975 in Detroit, the youngest of ten kids. Yup, definitely sounds Catholic. He was named after John the Baptist, served as an altar boy, and considered becoming a priest before becoming a rock star. He married Meg White in 1996, taking her last name, and the following year they formed The White Stripes.

Jack and Meg divorced in 2000 (sinner!) but kept the band going till 2011 while he launched other groups like The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather. In 2005 he married model Karen Elson. While the ceremony was officiated by a shaman, it was later cosigned by a Catholic priest. They ended their marriage in 2013. Bummer!

Jack is still rocking out in Nashville, where he has lived since 2009. I’m not sure if he attends church on a regular basis, but he still knows his stuff as he revealed in the ultimate Catholic throwdown with Stephen Colbert in 2011.

So congratulations Jack White! I know you’ve won a bunch of Grammys but today you are bestowed the greatest honor. You are the Hot Catholic of Lent: Day 4!


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