Give me a Boku NOW!

Today is Monday, which means if I were a kid I would be going to school. “Mom!” I’d holler as I was about to leave the house to catch the bus. “What did you pack me for lunch today?”

Mom would holler back, “A bologna sandwich, chips, a pear, Oreos, and a Hi-C Ecto Cooler!”


“What the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks, Mom? I’m in sixth grade!” Let’s just ignore that I would not be in sixth grade if I went to school today and they don’t even make Ecto Cooler anymore after a brief reboot in 2016. “I want a sophisticated juice box, like a BoKu! Is that too much to ask?”

BoKu was an “adult” juice box made from 1990 to 2003. There were no straws so you could practice your chugging action which would come in very handy years later playing flip cup in college. Moreover, BoKu’s most famous flavor was white grape juice, which would come in handy years after the flip cup when you were picking out wines from the wine store!

And best of all, Richard Lewis was the pitchman of BoKu!!!

My mom eventually came around and started treating me like the mature young adult I was. She bought BoKu when it was on sale at Market Basket (nee DeMoulas to all my fellow native New Englanders). It was very delicious and way better than Hi-C or Hawaiian Punch or H20.


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