Hot Catholic of Lent: Ash Wednesday!

Today is the first day of Lent which for a Casual Catholic like me means I’m giving up Candy Crush for the next 40 days (slap my phone out of my hand if you see me playing it) and I’ve got some smudges on my forehead.


I’m going through sugar withdrawal already and it’s only Day 1.

So to honor my faith I’m drawing influence from my beloved Michael K at Dlisted (he of “Hot Slut of the Day” fame) and featuring a “Hot Catholic of Lent” on The DVR Files every day during the Easter season. Get ready!

Our first hot Catholic is none other than Josh Duhamel!


Maybe not the sexiest picture, and I should probably crop it, but f— it.

Josh is one of those guys that’s in a lot of TV shows and movies that no one’s ever seen but I know his name (though not how to pronounce it) because he is married to Fergie aka Stacy from Kids Incorporated.


Never forget.

Josh and Fergie got married in 2009 in a Catholic ceremony but not a Catholic church (the horror, the horror) but they repented for their sins when they baptized their son Axl Jack at the St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church in Brentwood, CA in 2013. All is forgiven!

Wikipedia tells me they are currently practicing Catholics and attend church on a regular basis.

So congratulations, Josh, on being The DVR Files’ first Hot Catholic of Lent!




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