Hot Pictures of Val Kilmer

Because I like to keep up with the times, I recently watched the 1985 movie Real Genius starring hottie Val Kilmer.


Wow, what a babe! I thought to myself. I should see that other movie he did, Top Gun!


He might be the Iceman but he makes my cold heart melt! I wonder what he’d look like as a brunette. Gee, we’re lucky because he dyed his hair in Willow!



Yum! I’d like to see him without his shirt now, please. Can someone help me out?


What do you know? He teased us in The Doors! Not bad! I bet he’d rock a mustache.


Yup, he can certainly can. We can put that on his ‘tombstone’ if you get my drift!

That Val Kilmer, what a babe!

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