Is Eddie Vedder Still Hot?

There are SO many important things going on in the world today that are of great concern to me.

For example, should I start watching The Crown or Stranger Things? Should I read Girl on the Train or wait till it comes out on DVD? Is Arnold Schwarzenegger as good a host of Celebrity Apprentice as his predecessor? These are really important questions and I need to know the answers!


I also wonder if these muscles are natural or not? Probably natural!

Luckily one thing I DON’T need to know is if ’90s grunge god Eddie Vedder is still hot in 2017 because last night there was this TV special called President Obama’s Farewell Address and Eddie showed up IN PERSON to satisfy the mystery!


Yes I meant you to see that I own a copy of Tree of Life. Cropping pics is for babies.

It was a really cool show and there were testaments to democracy, troops, lots of Team America stuff, etc etc, but the best part is we got to see Mr. Vedder look pensive and serious and concerned just like he did on MTV from 1991-1993!

I wasn’t even that into Pearl Jam back in the day but all I know is that if Jeremy spoke in class today he would say that yes, Mr. Vedder is hot!

I love America!

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