OMG Kevin Arnold Was So Cute

Now that there are all these rules against paps posting pics of Hollywood kids, I am going through major Violet Affleck withdrawal.

Look at my girl Vi rock those specs.

Look at my girl Vi rock those specs.

I miss looking at pictures of super cute Hollywood kids! What am I going to do?

I know! I will review the past years of my life  . . . the wonderful years of my life . . . The Wonder Years! Because, goddamnit, Kevin Arnold was the cutest.


I can’t take it!

Even though I was only 8 to his 11 when his iconic TV show The Wonder Years premiered on January 31, 1988, I always thought he was super adorable.

RELAX. She's 34 now.

I felt the same way about Rudy Huxtable, who is exactly 4 months older than I am.

Let’s remind ourselves how cute Kevin was.

So thoughtful!

So thoughtful!

All dressed up!

All dressed up!

Look how studious he is!

Look how studious he was!

Not bad for a Jets fan!

Not bad for a Jets fan.

Remember when he met Zack Morris?

Lisa Berlini is such a two-timer!

And of course . . . he was a great kisser. Just ask Winnie Cooper!


I will always love you Kevin Arnold!

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2 Responses to OMG Kevin Arnold Was So Cute

  1. Lucianne says:

    They are so right! I love the Wonder years so much and Kevin Arnold is so cute

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