Fargo is Far Good!

Finally finished Fargo. LOVED IT. And normally I start with my trademark wit but it’s late and I want to go to bed so we are going to just delve in.

Be warned of spoilers!!! Enter at your own risk!


1) The main cast of Allison Tolman as Molly, Collin Hanks as Gus, and Martin Freeman as Lester was FLAWLESS. It pisses me off because True Detective is going to get all the Emmy attention, and this show was 10 times better. Martin Freeman was my favorite. SO GOOD.

Did you know this evil bastard is British??? You betcha!

Did you know this evil bastard is British??? You betcha!

2) LOVED that Molly was a strong, non-sexualized, smart female character. Totally unflappable in the face of evil and idiots.

If I'm ever murdered, hire this fierce bitch to find my killer.

If I’m ever murdered, hire this fierce bitch to find my killer.

That said . . .

3) HATED that Gus was the one to catch Malvo. Also hated when he called Molly and told her to stay in the office even though it’s her job to catch the bastard. She ain’t fragile even at 9 months pregnant! Stop treating women like we’re delicate flowers who can’t handle pressure! Especially since Gus was the one who let Malvo get away in the beginning because he was a wuss!

4) Why the hell were Key & Peele cast as FBI agents in Fargo, ND, where blacks make up 2.5% of the population? Really??? Hell, even Portland, ME has more African Americans! (4.1% of the population if you were all What Does Wikipedia Say?) I love Key & Peele but it was so out of left field and reduced their roles to a joke–and not because they are black. They were bumbling idiots, as were most of the men on the show except for the original chief who got murdered (sad face). I understand they wanted to interject some humor into the show, but it felt misplaced. Though their ending was surprising and kind of bad ass, in an evil way.

That said this video will never get old!

5) Didn’t ever quite love Billy Bob Thornton as Malvo, though once he got rid of that ridiculous brown hair he grew on me. He gave off creepy vibes, not evil vibes. Last 2 episodes, however, he turned on a dime. But even then he just seemed too weird and not charming enough to get the hot chick, which he apparently did. Kind of the same issue why I never could buy Steve Buscemi as Nucky on Boardwalk Empire.

6) Bob Odenkirk’s character drove me bananas. No one tries to railroad their top cop that much. It got to the point that I thought he could be in on it.

Then he'd have to call Saul!

Then he’d have to call Saul!

6) Loved Keith Carradine as Molly’s dad. Yes, I know I’m using the word “love” a lot. Yes, I’m being a lazy writer write now. Bahahahahaha look at my pun that doesn’t even make any sense.

7) Why the hell is the show called Fargo and not Bemidji?

8) What was the purpose of the supermarket tycoon story line? Was it honestly just to illustrate what an evil bastard Malvo was?

9) Ditto with the Sam Hess murder and the appearance of the deaf guy/Adam Goldberg.

All right people TALK TO ME.

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