These Are the Best Commercials in the WORLD

So the Super Bowl was this weekend! It was in New JERSEY and was actually super BORING! I mean, not only did Peyton and his non-bucking Broncos get beat by BIRDS 43-8, the commercials were BLAH! I was all, I gave up watching Downton Abbey for this? Whaaaa?

Tom Brady is hotter. Just saying.

Tom Brady is hotter. Just saying.

Because I am committed to serving the people, I am going to show some commercials that are actually GREAT. I’m a real humanitarian, I am.

So without further ado, I present to you Liz Simons’ favorite commercials in the world, which also mean they are the best in the world because I have the most exquisite taste in the world.

So . . . can someone please tell me where I can get a pizza with nothing? Oh yes, this commercial for Polly-O Sting Cheese can!


After such a magnifique dinner, I need some dessert. How about a nice piece of Storck Chocolate Riesen?


If fruit is more of your thing, how about a Bonkers?


Or perhaps a breath mint?


But WHATEVER you do, stay away from drugs!

Never gets old!

So what are your favorite commercials???

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