Another Day, Another Pervy Politician!

One of my favorite things about life is waking up. It’s so great! Usually it comes right after sleep, which is a terrific thing to do. Many of us do not do enough of it, because we have to stay up late and do important things like catch up on American Horror Story: Coven or The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Priorities people.

Phaedra does not understand how we could ever get begind on her show. Afer all she has JOBS and kids and she stayson top.

Phaedra does not understand how we could ever get behind on her show. After all she has JOBS and kids and she stay son top.

At any rate, imagine my pure PLEASURE upon waking up and logging into my computer and reading THIS headline in the New York Post:

Spitzer caught sucking Lis Smith’s toes in topless hot tub romp

Client 9 is BACK!

Client 9 is BACK!


Spitzer, of course, is Eliot Spitzer, the one time New York Governor (and recent New York City Comptroller candidate) who quit his post as head of state in 2008 because he slept with prostitutes while wearing socks.

My all time favorite New York Post cover.

My all time favorite New York Post cover.

Now, nearly six years later, he has finally filed for divorce from his wife Silda and he’s dating a hot 31-year-old named Lis Smith (ugh spell your name like a normal Liz, please) who until recently worked on the campaign of now Mayor Bill de Blasio.

But anyway, back to the toe-sucking.

The new couple were apparently at a resort in Jamaica over the weekend where they were getting a little kinky. One young boy even ran over to his mother to reveal the scary sight:

‘Mom there’s an old guy in the Jacuzzi with this girl and she’s topless and she’s got her legs wrapped around him,’ sources said.

The boy’s cries — ‘He’s sucking on her toes!’ alerted other guests, who walked over to catch an eyeful.


Lis is actually cute and I’m disappointed in her choices, but then again New York is a tough place to meet a man!

Winnie Cooper is that you?

Winnie Cooper is that you?

I think this couple has a wonderful future together. I look forward to their future scandals! It will make waking up even MORE fun!




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