J. Lo is So Pedestrian

Jennifer Lopez really IS from the block. Heck, she might as well be from the suburbs. How else can you explain the beautiful big golden hoops dangling from her ears that you could fit a fist through? TOTALLY looks like she got them from Claire’s Boutique at the Rockingham Mall.

I bet they were buy two get one free.

Or maybe the North Shore Mall.

J. Lo wore these earrings EVERY DAY FOR A WEEK. Except these weren’t any buy two get one free that I loved so much. Nope, these hoops cost $1,185. Stars, they’re NOTHING like us!

Luckily, La Lopez has dainty, delicate wrists so maybe these earrings can double as bracelets. Always thinking, that J. Lo.

Now let’s watch the video for “Jenny From the Block” because it NEVER GETS OLD.

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