Nothing Compares 2 Face Tattoos

Man, I once thought that the Kardashian Klan was the gift that kept on giving (and I’m not just talking STDs).



But DAMN! I was wrong. It is Sinead O’Connor.

Nothing compares to a perfectly shaped head!

Geez, does ANYONE smile anymore?

While I wish it was another hit song that she was giving (fingers crossed), in truth it’s just that she’s giving us another reason to raise our eyebrows and go, “Whaaaaaa?”

You see, this time it’s not ripping up a picture of the Pope on national TV, or becoming a priest, or declaring herself a lesbian . . . .

It’s a face tattoo. Sinead has gone out and gotten a face tattoo.

I don't blame her for not smiling this time.

I don’t blame her for not smiling this time.

Channeling her inner Mike Tyson, Sinead explains on her website:

Brendan Quinlan.. “It’s what it is’ .. Un ange passe ;),” she wrote, dropping a name and referring to a French expression for an awkward silence. “There’s a bottle of Agent Provocateur in someone’s room that Belongs to me.”

What in the name of Danny Glover does that mean? I googled Agent Provocateur (I’m a responsible journalist like that), and apparently it’s the namesake perfume by the luxury London lingerie line of the same name. I was hoping it was some high end booze! Still doesn’t make any sense.

Or code name for this.

Or code name for this.

Well, Sinead, you’ve done it again. You’ve baffled me. Now let’s go see if Miley Cyrus will follow in your tracks in a few years. Home girl does like to shock people. Or at least she THINKS she does.

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