Happy Birthday Corey Feldman!

Want to feel old? Corey Feldman turns 42 today.

His style, however, is ageless.

His style, however, is ageless.

While Feldman has become a bit of a joke the past decade or so, homeboy showed a ton of promise back in the day. He starred in a slew of great movies, including ones WITHOUT the other Corey (Haim, may he rest in peace).

My top pick from Feldman’s body of work is Stand By Me, which is my second favorite movie of all time behind only Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. By the way, can anyone tell me what kind of animal Goofy is?

His other career-making role, of course, is Mouth from The Goonies.

If after reading this brilliant blog post you want to keep on celebrating Corey’s birthday, turn on Teen Nick at 4pm EST today because they are airing Gremlins!

Whatever you do, just DON’T get him a Mogwai for his birthday–he’s got enough of those already.

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