No, R.I.P.D. is NOT about the Rhode Island Police Department

The other day I was walking through the subway station to catch my train and saw THIS amazing poster.

Cropped (2)OH MY GOD. I screamed. Quick, someone feed me a stuffed quahog because otherwise I am going to pass out and you’ll need a coffee cabinet to revive me.

Why, you ask? Ummmmm . . . because God has answered my prayers and He is FINALLY making a movie about the Rhode Island Police Department starring the DUDE no less.

And then I noticed the fine print.


Rest In PEACE Department??? What the flying f— is that??? How can you expect me to do anything in peace after you have teased me like this?

So you can guess where I WON’T be this Friday night.

Anyone want to head over to Rocky Point instead? Oh sh–, it closed 18 years ago. That’s about the time that Little Rhody native James Woods’ girlfriend was born!

F— it. Let’s just grab an Awful Awful at Newport Creamery.

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