So Long, Intervention!

Okay, it’s been a couple of weeks since A&E announced that they were canceling Intervention after 13 awesome seasons, and I have been in such deep mourning that I have not been able to bring myself to accept it let alone write about it.

I love this man like crazy.

I love this man like crazy.

Next week the network will air the final five episodes, so set your DVRs. But here I am going to pay tribute to a few of my all time faves. Enjoy.

1) Gabe the Gambler

Love those frosted tips!

Love those frosted tips!

Are you a child prodigy who likes to rap about math? And then you grew up and no one gave you a record contract? Bummer! Just turn to the slots and put your parents a quarter million in debt like Gabe did! From Season 1, Gabe is perhaps the most unlikable subject in Intervention history. A must see.

2) Hubert

While everyone hates Gabe, Hubert is the complete opposite on the Intervention spectrum. Homeless and an alcoholic, his family rescues him from the streets to put him in rehab. Quite possibly the most heartbreaking but beautiful episode (though John the diabetic comes in a close second). Take out the tissues. You have been warned.

3) Coley

Coley Burl

I have one word for you diehard fans. Burrrrrllllll!

4) Sylvia

Sylvia is the female version of Hubert. A Southern Belle, she is suffering from alcoholism and took to drinking nips in the car. And she loves her babies.

5) Linda

There are no words for Linda, so just watch this clip instead.

Intervention, I will miss you!


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