It Is So Hard To Meet a Man in New York, I’d Even Date a Teeny Little Super Guy!

Everyone knows the New York City dating scene is really and truly designed for single women in their 30s. It is AMAZING how easy it is to find a man who wants to settle down and get married RIGHT AWAY. I have to turn down offers EVERY DAY.

One of my 50000 suitors.

One of my 50000 suitors.

While today is not Opposite Day, it IS Sarcasm Day (declared by me) and anyone can tell you that actually it is a TAD difficult to meet a good man in the Big Apple. But I am a big believer in looking outside the box, or even in the kitchen cupboard. Because there I can find just about the most adorable dude in the world . . . Teeny Little Super Guy!

Not this one!

Not this one! The OTHER Teeny Little Super Guy! 

Not only does Teeny Little Super Guy know his away around the kitchen, he is a great friend which means he’ll be a great dad! We all win here!

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