I Can’t Believe I Missed The Bruins Game Last Night

Just call me Judas Iscariot.

No, I didn’t kiss Jesus Christ so I could collect 30 silver coins. I did something far, far worse.

I missed watching the Bruins last night.

They're pissed at me too.

They’re pissed at me too.

This was a game that should not have been missed for various reasons. One, the Bruins are a Boston team and I’m from Boston (Sort of. I’m from the suburbs. Tomayto, tomahto.). Two, it was game 7 of Round 1 of the NHL Playoffs. Three, they overcame a two goal deficit in the last 1:22 to tie the game and then defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs in overtime sudden death to capture a berth in Round 2 of the Playoffs where they will compete against the New York Rangers.

And WHY did I miss watching the game?

Oh, because my friend invited me to go to a bar. And not just any bar, one of those artsy wine ones where they have no tv but plenty of olives and Italian meats I can’t pronounce.

To be fair–I didn’t actually KNOW the game was on–for some reason I thought it was supposed to be tonight. So last night as I was sipping some yuppie microbrew, I checked my Iphone. All my Boston friends were posting things such as “All you fair weather fans will turn on your TV now!” or “This is so exciting!” or “Patrice Bergeron is hot in person and on the ice!”

What was going on? Was there some kind of Ice Capades exhibition event where the Bruins were showing off their figure skating skills with dancing bears?

Nope, it was Game 7.

And this is where you can really say to me “Et tu, Brute?” A devout moral person would have paid for her beer and ran home to watch the game. A devout moral person would tell her friends, “Sorry, I’ve got priorities.”

Did I do those things? Nope. I got a second beer, because my friends told me they were ordering a pizza and I didn’t even have to chip in!

Pizza and beer trumped hockey. Wow. Now I’m going to hell where they will show me the clip below for eternity. “See what you missed?” Lucifer will say to me. “Don’t you want to be on the cold ice now? Instead you are going to burn baby burn!” And I will agree with him.

I am sorry I have shamed you Boston.


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