Rehab is Lindsay Lohan’s Cheers, Where Everyone Knows Her Name

You have to hand it to Lindsay Lohan, she knows how to have a good time, even at rehab!



See, if you or I were sentenced to court-ordered rehab, we’d take wherever our insurance was accepted. I’d look on the bright side–hey, it’s a three month vacation of sorts and everyone on Intervention looks like they have a great time–but in the end I’d probably go somewhere cheap in New Hampshire. Lice free or die baby!

Bur Lindsay has so such restrictions. Lindsay will go to rehab where she wants, goddamn it! Her most recent stint (this is her sixth trip in case you were keeping track) brought her initially to Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach, CA but apparently she thought the facilities were “gross” so she wound up at Betty Ford where a source says “she knows everyone there.”

And here I thought it was Cheers where everyone knew your name! I guess it makes sense . . . .

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