Why Can’t Splash Be About Mermaids???

Mermaid fans–when you first heard about the new TV show Splash did you NOT cry a few tears of joy. “Finally!” you exclaimed, “Tom Hanks’ BEST movie ever is getting the respect it deserves and is being made into a tv series. Who will play Daryl Hannah?”

She inspired many fantasies.

She inspired many fantasies on the land and in the sea.

And then of course you learned that Splash is not a love story between a man and a mermaid. Nope, it’s the Dancing With the Stars of diving. Boooooo.

Now, confesh time. I’ve never watched the show. BUT I do read People mag and every day there is some kind of tragedy revolving around the show. Two contestants I’ve never heard of, Rory Busfield and Katherine Webb, suffered a ruptured eardrum and a competition-ending injury, respectively. Oopsy daisy! Kendra Wilkinson, who I unfortunately HAVE heard of, dropped out of the show after battling major anxiety. And Nicole Eggert, by far the best daughter on Charles in Charge, suffered bruising and swelling on her back and kidneys after a dive. And she was on Baywatch so home girl knows how to handle the water. Ouch!

I think Willie Aames is due for a comeback.

I think Willie Aames is due for a comeback.

I don’t mean to sound callous, but I think it’s karma. We all wanted mermaids, and instead they gave us C List celebs. Now, if they caste Daryl Hannah I MIGHT watch . . . .


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