If You Want To Get a Head Tattoo, You Should Move to New Zealand!

Sooooo . . . who besides me watched the amazing miniseries Top of the Lake on the Sundance Channel?


Written by Jane Campion, she of The Piano fame, Lake centered around the search for a missing pregnant 12-year-old in rural New Zealand. Peggy from Mad Men was one of the detectives. There were a bunch of quirky characters, as well as some nasty perverted ones. There were also a number of people with tattoos on their heads.

He's what I call "white trash hot."

He’s what I call “white trash hot.”

"White trash hot" applies to all ages.

“White trash hot” applies to all ages.

He does have a cute bare ass.

Hey, where’s his tattoo?

This last guy didn’t have a tattoo on his head, but he did spend eight years in a Thai prison, so pick your poison. And I thought New York City was a tough place to meet men! Rural New Zealand MIGHT be tougher.

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