The Killing Will Go On

Truth be told, I am NOT a fan of murder. It’s not something that I want to happen to me or any of my loved ones or heck any of my disliked ones, EVEN it means getting interviewed by Keith Morrison on Dateline.

A man among men,

A man among men,

I’ve previously addressed, however, that if I AM going to get murdered, PLEASE do not let it be in the city of Seattle because it takes them two whole seasons to solve a crime. Well, at least it did on the AMC TV show The Killing, which was one of those shows that you invested so much time in and you waited for him to propose and you’re all, he’s going to do it! And then he doesn’t so you dump him. And then, of course, he comes back with a brand new girlfriend for season 3, EVEN THOUGH you thought he was totally done with chicks.

If you’re a fan of The Killing, you know what I’m talking about.

Seattle PD, looking attentive.

Seattle PD, looking attentive.

See, The Killing was canceled last year after the conclusion of season 2. Even though the second season was a bit of a convoluted, soap opera-ish mess, it was still better TV than most. It’s like that alcoholic cousin you have that you know if he just cleans up he’ll be better than ever. And luckily–AMC agreed and gave new wind to the show, essentially un-canceling it five months ago. The third season premieres on June 2 and it’s a totally new person being murdered. Yahoooo! No offense, Rosie Larsen.

So will you be watching?

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