Lindsay Lohan on Intervention? A Girl Can Dream!

It’s time.

After Lindsay Lohan and her pudgy digits AMAZING performance in the seminal TV movie Liz & Dick, I was GUNNING for her comeback. Let’s make a sequel to Freaky Friday, I suggested to my crazy brain. We’ll call it Singular Saturday! Or maybe we can remake Herbie: Fully Loaded. But then I thought, that movie would just be called Lindsay: Fully Loaded ALWAYS. Sigh.

See, this week Lindsay was sentenced to 90 days in locked down rehab for one of her many violations of parole or something like that. It’s hard to keep track and I’m a bit of a lazy journalist. Sorry folks. What I DO know is this latest arrest (?) generated yet another glamorous mugshot in the Fallen Starlet Hall of Fame, Population 1.

I'm kind of jealous of her cool track jacket. I LOVE track jackets.

I’m kind of jealous of her cool track jacket. I LOVE track jackets.

So Lindsay is off to rehab, apparently, and all I can think is they went about this the wrong way. See, Dina and Michael are such shameless publicity whores–yes, I watched Living Lohan–that I cannot BELIEVE they did not submit Lindsay’s name for consideration to be cast on Intervention. One, this means they’d get to be on a tv show that people actually watched (Labor Pains, anyone?). Two, someone else would pay for the rehab. BRILLIANT.

I am addicted to Intervention (ha!) and I think this would be the episode ever, even better than Hubert, Sylvia, and Allison the Huffer put together. The question, of course, is who would be the best interventionist for her. Candy? Jeff? Ken? Nope, I’m going with Seth Jaffe. He takes no sh– from anyone. He’s like a Mafia enforcer for getting you sober. Let’s do this Lindsay.

Until then, let’s just remember when Allison was walking on sunshine. This is for you diehard Intervention fans.

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