I Think I Love Him Like Crazy

Yeah, I'm talking to you.

Nope, the man above is not a Mafia enforcer, a Mafia informant, or an FBI agent working undercover trying to break up the Mafia in New Jersey. Nope, he is Seth Jaffe, aka the “Sober Coach,” aka the newest interventionist on my beloved feel-food show Intervention. I’m behind on all my shows so I’m only watching the March 13 episode NOW. What a bad tv blogger I am! At any rate, the ep features Sean, a garden variety alcoholic and Kid Rock lookalike with a semi hot younger brother. His story is sad as they usually are and then they throw me for a real loop. They go to the pre-intervention with the family and we see a shot of a bald man from the back so I think hey, Jeff’s the interventionist but then it turns out I’m wrong! There’s another bald bitch in town, and his name is Seth Jaffe.

Like Jeff, Seth is a bad ass, no-nonsense straight shooter who also happens to be a recovered addict. Unlike Jeff, it remains to be seen if he will say the same thing every week. Which is okay if he does because I love Jeff like crazy.

And now I’m done.

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